Watch Joanna Sweet get hogtied and dominated by Nick Lang. Watch Joanna get fucked with a carrot and a cucumber, get spanked and all kinds of kinky BDSM sex games while she can’t even move and say no to what she’s made to do. View more »

Lory got into the hands of a male perv. She was taken and is kept in a dungeon where she’s hogtied and tortured all day long. She has to endure all the pain and suffering and humiliation as the dude dominates her when he makes her to suck his cock and perform different perverted sexual acts. View more »

Alice has a guilty secret that she’s kept for a while now. Every so often she goes to see her Master, and he makes her his sex slave and totally dominates her. She gets down to the dark basement and she gets ready for the torture she is about to endure. Watch as Alice is tied to the doorway of the leaky bathroom and is forced to blow Anthony’s cock, and get beaten with a strong leather whip till she screams for him to stop. View more »

Anthony Hardwood’s calling out Bianca for what she is: a 21 year old slut who’s capable of anything for satisfaction. But now he wants to show her that for satisfaction one has to suffer a lot. View more »

Do you know a good place to visit after work? We do know: it’s the BDSM strip club where poor girls get on the stage, and are made to loose their clothes. View more »

Andy agreed to meet Frank in the dungeon, and she thought they would have a secret quickie. But Frank is into a lot more than that and she quickly found herself hog tied, with pins all over her and holding the lips of her pussy apart, and on top of all that Frank was whipping her and forcing his cock into her mouth and she couldn’t say no. View more »

Bianka Lovely was taken by Anthony Hardwood and was waiting to know her fate in the dungeon. When Anthony arrived he started spanking Bianka, started wildly pulling her hair and made her to swallow his cock. View more »

Frank gets it when Memphis calls him to say, “I want you to have your way with me”. She meets him in their secret spot and then she gets totally subjugated by Frank, becoming his sex slave. View more »

Raunchy redhead Angelina Blue knows she’s been a naughty girl. But she doesn’t know how bad yet. After burning the last three night’s dinners, her love, Anthony, has to get his retribution. View more »

Watch Mugur and Anthony Hardwood as they make Nikky Thorne and Anabella their sex slaves to have sex with each other and with them. View more »

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